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    Default JSBuilder 3

    It started with me trying to performance tune my app for IPhone

    although you can ignore that thread as this is specifically about JSBuilder 3.

    I'm trying to work out the class dependancies so i can rip out EVERYTHING i'm not using from the sencha-touch.js. Presumably there is no GUI for JSBuilder 3 else it would ship with it?

    I would have thought that it would be a huge improvement for sencha to write a dependancy checker / builder / something that you could use to check your app would still work.

    Realise there is a lot of lazy loading and performance built in so perhaps even something that you could get to 'record' you using your app and then it would give you some kinda breakdown of all the objects that had been instantiated (massively wishful thinking i know)....

    right now i'm cutting, building, testing my app but this is incredibly painful and you can't develop an application like this.

    anyone have any ideas?

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    There has been some discussion (or rather dreaming) about this here on the forums if I remember correctly. I would be glad to even just write a file with the ST components that I use and have the jsbuilder do some kind of automatic dependency resolution.
    Right now, your only chance is to to it by hand. I do it step by step, taking out one module at a time and checking if everything still works, which is a royal pain to put it mildly

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