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Thread: Problems with width of radios in a radiogroup

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    Default Problems with width of radios in a radiogroup

    I am using a radiogroup in a formpanel like this:

    xtype: 'radiogroup',
    fieldLabel: 'Anrede',
    items: [
    {boxLabel: 'Salutation', name: 'salutation', id: 'salutation_female', inputValue: 'w'},
    {boxLabel: 'Male', name: 'salutation', id: 'salutation_male', inputValue: 'm'}

    My problem is:
    When rendering the radiogroup, the width of the radiobutton incl. the label is very big.
    The firebug displays the following code for the first radio field:

    <div id="x-form-el-salutation_female" class="x-form-element" style="padding-left: 105px;"><div id="ext-gen206" class="x-form-check-wrap" style="width: 200px;">
    <input id="salutation_female" class=" x-form-radio x-form-field" type="radio" name="salutation" autocomplete="off" value="w">

    <label id="ext-gen207" class="x-form-cb-label" for="salutation_female">Frau</label>



    Why does it set the styles "padding-left: 105px" and "width: 200px"?

    Where can I change this?

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    Could you be so kind to place you code in BBcode and provide screenshots.
    It will be much easier to understand what's wrong.

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