Hi Team,

Please expose $toolbar-button-color as an public configurable variable.

This will allow us to configure the colour/style of toolbar buttons independently of the toolbar base colour/style. Right now I have to monkey patch your code, I hate monkey patching (instant technical debt)

For your reference, here is what the latest widgets/_toolbar.scss (from svn) looks like:
@mixin sencha-toolbar-ui($ui-label, $color, $gradient: $toolbar-gradient) {
  $toolbar-border-color: darken($color, 50%);
  $toolbar-button-color: darken($color, 10%);
  .x-toolbar-#{$ui-label} {
    @include background-gradient($color, $gradient);
    border-color: $toolbar-border-color;
    .x-toolbar-title {
      @include color-by-background($color);
      @include bevel-by-background($color);
    .x-button, .x-field-select .x-input-text, .x-field-select:before {
      @include toolbar-button($toolbar-button-color, $gradient);