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Thread: Enable Ext.log in EXT version 4.02a

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    Default Enable Ext.log in EXT version 4.02a

    I have upgraded from EXT version 4.0 to 4.02a. And it seems like Ext.log is no longer present in ext-debug.js.

    So i no longer get the : [Ext.Loader] Synchronously loading '...'; consider adding... - messages in the console in Firebug.

    From searching the internet, I found that the new 4.02a version has been expanded with two new js files : ext-dev.js and ext-all-dev.js. And I learned that ext-dev.js should include the Ext.log, so I included this file enstead of ext-debug.js.

    But now I get the following error:
    Failed loading synchronously via XHR: 'src/app/application.js'; please verify that the file exists. XHR status code: 404.

    Does anybody know which file to use for development (ext-dev.js or ext-debug.js), and does anybody know why I get the above error?


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    For an explanation of ext-dev.js see here. While developing ext-dev.js is the way to go!

    The warning message from Ext.Loader means that your application triggered a call to Ext.create() for a class that has not been loaded yet.
    This usually means that the dependencies ('requires: []') in one of your class files are incomplete.

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