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Thread: ExtJs 4.0 RowExpander with Ajax Request

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    Question ExtJs 4.0 RowExpander with Ajax Request

    Dear All this is my first project on ExtJs and i want to modify the Ux Rowexpander to enable for ajax call.

    I tried a lot but could not accomplish?

    Is there a way that i can modify the Xtemplate at the time of DoubleClick In toggelRow

    Please suggest some solution?

    Plugin Exist in Extjs4 ux folder
    // feature idea to enable Ajax loading and then the content
    // cache would actually make sense. Should we dictate that they use
    // data or support raw html as well?

    * @class Ext.ux.RowExpander
    * @extends Ext.AbstractPlugin
    * Plugin (ptype = 'rowexpander') that adds the ability to have a Column in a grid which enables
    * a second row body which expands/contracts. The expand/contract behavior is configurable to react
    * on clicking of the column, double click of the row, and/or hitting enter while a row is selected.
    * @ptype rowexpander
    Ext.define('Ext.ux.RowExpander', {
    extend: 'Ext.AbstractPlugin',
    alias: 'plugin.rowexpander',

    rowBodyTpl: null,

    * @cfg {Boolean} expandOnEnter
    * <tt>true</tt> to toggle selected row(s) between expanded/collapsed when the enter
    * key is pressed (defaults to <tt>true</tt>).
    expandOnEnter: true,

    * @cfg {Boolean} expandOnDblClick
    * <tt>true</tt> to toggle a row between expanded/collapsed when double clicked
    * (defaults to <tt>true</tt>).
    expandOnDblClick: true,

    * @cfg {Boolean} selectRowOnExpand
    * <tt>true</tt> to select a row when clicking on the expander icon
    * (defaults to <tt>false</tt>).
    selectRowOnExpand: false,

    rowBodyTrSelector: '.x-grid-rowbody-tr',
    rowBodSiteIdaram {} record The record providing the data.
    * @param {HtmlElement} expandRow The &lt;tr> element containing the expanded data.
    * @event collapsebody
    * <b<Fired through the grid's View.</b>
    * @param {HtmlElement} rowNode The &lt;tr> element which owns the expanded row.
    * @param {} record The record providing the data.
    * @param {HtmlElement} expandRow The &lt;tr> element containing the expanded data.

    constructor: function() {
    var grid = this.getCmp();
    this.recordsExpanded = {};
    // <debug>
    if (!this.rowBodyTpl) {
    Ext.Error.raise("The 'rowBodyTpl' config is required and is not defined.");
    // </debug>
    // TODO: if XTemplate/Template receives a template as an arg, should
    // just return it back!
    var rowBodyTpl = Ext.create('Ext.XTemplate', this.rowBodyTpl),
    features = [{
    ftype: 'rowbody',
    columnId: this.getHeaderId(),
    recordsExpanded: this.recordsExpanded,
    rowBodyHiddenCls: this.rowBodyHiddenCls,
    rowCollapsedCls: this.rowCollapsedCls,
    getAdditionalData: this.getRowBodyFeatureData,
    getRowBodyContents: function(data) {
    return rowBodyTpl.applyTemplate(data);
    ftype: 'rowwrap'

    if (grid.features) {
    grid.features = features.concat(grid.features);
    } else {
    grid.features = features;

    grid.on('afterlayout', this.onGridAfterLayout, this, {single: true});

    getHeaderId: function() {
    if (!this.headerId) {
    this.headerId =;
    return this.headerId;

    getRowBodyFeatureData: function(data, idx, record, orig) {
    var o = Ext.grid.feature.RowBody.prototype.getAdditionalData.apply(this, arguments),
    id = this.columnId;
    o.rowBodyColspan = o.rowBodyColspan - 1;
    o.rowBody = this.getRowBodyContents(data);
    o.rowCls = this.recordsExpanded[record.internalId] ? '' : this.rowCollapsedCls;
    o.rowBodyCls = this.recordsExpanded[record.internalId] ? '' : this.rowBodyHiddenCls;
    o[id + '-tdAttr'] = ' valign="top" rowspan="2" ';
    if (orig[id+'-tdAttr']) {
    o[id+'-tdAttr'] += orig[id+'-tdAttr'];
    return o;

    onGridAfterLayout: function() {
    var grid = this.getCmp(),
    view, viewEl;

    if (!grid.hasView) {
    this.getCmp().on('afterlayout', this.onGridAfterLayout, this, {single: true});
    } else {
    view = grid.down('gridview');
    viewEl = view.getEl();

    if (this.expandOnEnter) {
    this.keyNav = Ext.create('Ext.KeyNav', viewEl, {
    'enter' : this.onEnter,
    scope: this
    if (this.expandOnDblClick) {
    view.on('itemdblclick', this.onDblClick, this);
    this.view = view;

    onEnter: function(e) {
    var view = this.view,
    ds =,
    sm = view.getSelectionModel(),
    sels = sm.getSelection(),
    ln = sels.length,
    i = 0,

    for (; i < ln; i++) {
    rowIdx = ds.indexOf(sels[i]);

    toggleRow: function(rowIdx) {
    var rowNode = this.view.getNode(rowIdx),
    row = Ext.get(rowNode),
    nextBd = Ext.get(row).down(this.rowBodyTrSelector),
    record = this.view.getRecord(rowNode);

    if (row.hasCls(this.rowCollapsedCls)) {
    this.recordsExpanded[record.internalId] = true;
    this.view.fireEvent('expandbody', rowNode, record, nextBd.dom);
    } else {
    this.recordsExpanded[record.internalId] = false;
    this.view.fireEvent('collapsebody', rowNode, record, nextBd.dom);

    onDblClick: function(view, cell, rowIdx, cellIndex, e) {


    getHeaderConfig: function() {
    var me = this,
    toggleRow = Ext.Function.bind(me.toggleRow, me),
    selectRowOnExpand = me.selectRowOnExpand;

    return {
    id: this.getHeaderId(),
    width: 24,
    sortable: false,
    fixed: true,
    draggable: false,
    hideable: false,
    menuDisabled: true,
    cls: Ext.baseCSSPrefix + 'grid-header-special',
    renderer: function(value, metadata) {
    metadata.tdCls = Ext.baseCSSPrefix + 'grid-cell-special';

    return '<div class="' + Ext.baseCSSPrefix + 'grid-row-expander">&#160;</div>';
    processEvent: function(type, view, cell, recordIndex, cellIndex, e) {
    if (type == "mousedown" && e.getTarget('.x-grid-row-expander')) {
    var row = e.getTarget('.x-grid-row');
    return selectRowOnExpand;

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    Need the same.
    How to do an AJAX request before expand event and show results?

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    I think you'd have to extend it to:

    1) float the rowBodyTpl out of the constructor into an instance level variable, and change the accessor to refer to that. Then, where you need to change it, just assign it a new XTemplate instance.
    2) modify the toggleRow function to move the actual expand logic (including the expand event fire) into a callback method, and then issue your Ajax call, using that callback. The collapse part of toggleRow would not need to be changed.

    hope this helps,


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    Hi everybody,

    Do you have answer on the Ux Rowexpander to enable for ajax call? How to do an AJAX request before expand event and show results?

    If have,please post the solution.


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    I went ahead and created this component. I put it up on github. Feel free to modify it or suggest improvements.

    This allows your server to send a different template based on the record in each row. It caches the templates to minimize requests to the server.

    I included a demo in the repo.

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