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    Question Rowclick event

    Hi. i am trying the grid out and i cant seem to find two features and use them in conjunction.

    One is the ability to have checkboxes in columns and the other is the ability to handle the rowclick event (or some equivalent)

    I would like to say that am coming from a .NET environment and this is my first heavy php project, so i may have some misconceptions here.

    was wondering if i could code a rowclick event. i need to take some action outside of the grid that depending if a row is selected/deselected (assuming it will be done with checkboxes)

    how would i go about achieving that?

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    If you just need to capture a row getting clicked, you can monitor that in the controller such as :

        init	: function() {
    			'CustomerList' : {
    				itemclick	: this.customerClicked
    Now, if you need to know if a checkbox in their is selected, you need to get the value of that column. Let's assume it's dataIndex is "checkbox".

    customerClicked: function(grid, record) {

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