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Thread: ComboBox drop down list fails to display scrollbar

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    Default ComboBox drop down list fails to display scrollbar

    The discussion in the Premium Forum does not inspire one to want to pay for the Premium Forum. The questioner shows that they have a combobox that does not display the vertical scrollbar. The answerer after first answering completely incorrectly (indicating the the user needs to implement the scrollbar themselves), then just links to the demo which shows that the combobox does still display a scrollbar. No attempt is even made to determine why the scrollbar does not appear for the questioner.

    I am hoping for a bit better luck. I too have a combobox with a large number of options which would benifit from a vertical scrollbar on the drop down list. Unfortunately one does not display. I suspect that the difference between my code which fails and the demo example which does not is that the demo code has a local store and my code is getting loaded by an RPC call. It would appear that the code is deciding that a scrollbar is unnecessary before the data load completes. That would be a bug.

    Of course, it is also quite possible I am missing something, but I can see no methods on the ComboBox itself that would influence the scrollbar behavior.

    For the record, I am using Ext GWT 2.2.4, GWT 2.3.0, Firefox 4.0.1, Java 1.6.0_24 and Eclipse Helios Service Release 2 Build id: 20110218-0911.

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    As you have not posted any code and the linked examples show a vertical scrollbar as already stated in the thread you linked there is not much we can do.

    Make sure that you also updated your GXT resources to GXT 2.2.4, this is most times the origin of these kind of problems

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    Default resources were the answer

    Thanks! Resources were the problem. While the new ones were in the build path, so were the old ones.

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