The purpose of this thread is to summarize all known issues with Touch 1.x on Android devices which have been addressed in the next major release.

1. Scroller unresponsiveness on certain HTC devices (HTC Incredible, HTC Desire)

- Symptom: Scrollable content might stop responding randomly after some touch interactions
- Cause: HTC Sense UI layer / Buggy internal OS timer and touch event handling

2. Animation flickering:

- Symptom: Animation may cause screen flickering
- Cause: Android's buggy implementation of CSS 3 transform in WebView, which leads to unnecessary redraws when elements switch from / to transform mode.

3. Random inconsistency of address bar hiding and viewport size initialization:

- Symtom: Sometimes the address bar is not fully hidden when the application is loaded, and the content may be clipped below viewable area (typically bottom TabBar)
- Cause: False reporting of window size on certain Android devices