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Thread: GridFilter Plugin Error

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    Default GridFilter Plugin Error

    Hi, I'm trying to use the gridFilterPlugin from the examples and it has at least 2 bugs...
    1) The possiblity of defining the filter configuration in the columnModel is broken. If you open the example at examples/grid-filtering/grid-filter-local.js it says: "use a factory method to reduce code while demonstrating that the GridFilter plugin may be configured with or without the filter types (the filters may be specified on the column model". I tried that, and it throws an error because in the FiltersFeature.createFilters says:
    me.addFilters(Ext.isEmpty(filterConfigs) ? me.view.headerCt.items.items : filterConfigs);
    So it gets the config for the column, not the filter option for that column.

    2) The example also says: "instead of specifying filter config just specify filterable=true to use store's field's type property (if type property not explicitly specified in store config it will be 'auto' which GridFilters will assume to be 'StringFilter')". I tried that and nothing happend, I can't see anywhere on the code feature code "filterable". Maybe it's not implemented.

    Am I using an old version? In previous versions of ext, I think I used this option (now I can't remember) so maybe it's a new bug...
    I'll try to solve this problems and upload a new version, I'm also adding the possibility for the string filter to have different text fields so one can search with: starts with, ends with, contains, equals.

    If anyone know how to solve this or has an updated version, please point me to it.

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