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Thread: Smallest possible libraries for ExtJs 4.0

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    Default Smallest possible libraries for ExtJs 4.0

    I have decided to use ExtJs 4.0 as my client library for a number of websites using ExpressionEngine/CodeIgniter on the server. (Much impressed with Ext 4).

    Some of the sites are very simple and I would like to use the smallest ExtJs library possible to improve startup times. Basically all I need are containers (Ext.container.Container) and layouts (Ext.layout.*).

    The Sencha SDK doesn't seem to work properly on Windows Vista or Windows 7.

    So I set up a simple "/bin/bash" script on the Linux server which concatenates selected ExtJs "src/*" files and then processes the result through "yuicompressor.jar".

    Best result so far is:

    -- 297444 bytes for the compressed JavaScript
    -- 141069 bytes for the css file (ext-standard.css)

    Everything works fine and I am pleased with the result.

    However, I think that it should be possible to shrink the sources even further.

    What would be the *smallest* possible Ext4 build that would support both "containers" and "layouts" and is it possible to shrink the *.css file any further?

    Also, it would be nice to have some documentation explaining the differences in the following:
    -- ext-all.css <==> ext-standard.css
    -- ext-all.js <==> ext-core.js <==> ext-foundation.js

    Any info or suggestions would be welcome.


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    Same question regarding differences between... "ext-all.js <==> ext-core.js <==> ext-foundation.js"

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