I think this is more a suggestion for a future Ext GWT version rather than a help topic. Whatever:

I stumbled across this "problem" when I started to think about automated UI tests for my project f.g. with QF-Test.
QF-Test has support for the Ext GWT framework. It always throws away component ids (aka id attribute in a dom element) that are auto generated by Ext GWT. The pattern for the ids is "x-auto-{id}". QF-Test then magically does it's work to identify elements in the browser.

Since the project is still in it's beginning, there is no full qualification how well QF-Test works if there are subtle code changes that may lead to a different dom tree and thus a failed element identification by QF-Test.
So I thought that providing clear component ids for at least the most important components in the GUI would be very helpful. This is simply done by component->setId("newId"). Unlike JSF f.g. there is no exception thrown if two or more components have the same component id.

Will this change in future releases of Ext GWT? For example, an exception could be thrown when setId is called and the id has already been set for another component.