I have a test application where I define a container extension containing a chart.
I then have a menu system that on click of the corresponding menu item, a close-able tab is created with the xtype of the defined container containing the chart. This all works fine.

If I close the tab, and then click the menu option to recreate the class instance add the component containing a chart again, The tab is created, but renders empty (no chart this time) and the console indicates a NOT_FOUND_ERR.

I inspected the Objects in Chrome's debugger, and the component graph seems to be created successfully, however, a debug point on the line throwing the NOT_FOUND_ERR (ext-all-debug.js line#15531) shows that the first argument to insertBefore(item.el.dom) (the "dom" property of "item.el"Z) is undefined.

My best guess is something to do with garbage collector, but I am really at a loss.
Could I make the whole container rerender itself somehow?
Better ideas?