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Thread: PivotGrid with Multiple Measures.

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    Default PivotGrid with Multiple Measures.

    I found a thread started in 09 that never seems to be resolved.

    I would like to build a pivot grid with multiple measures as side by side cells. It was suggested that
    measures: [
    {dataIndex: 'value', aggregator: 'sum', width: 80},
    {dataIndex: 'quantity', aggregator: 'sum', width: 80}

    was a way to define.

    But I never saw any followup. I have not seen any other solution. Can this be done?

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    Question PivotGrid with Multiple Measure

    I have a same problem
    can any one help?
    is any way to extend pivot to have this feature?

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    Hey !!
    Did anyone of you able to solve this problem? I have this problem too.

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