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Thread: VERY SLOW behavior of fields in nested panels (compared to extjs 3)

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    The perils of giving out dates All I can say is that we're working very hard on this to make sure we get the performance and correctness profile that we demand from this product. 4.1 is already looking a lot faster than 4.0, but there is more we want to do before releasing
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    I created an app with (ext-4.1.0-pr1), what is very slow. Just get a window, add a container to it with a table layout (eg 6 columns). Put it about 500 textfields to it. It is rendering:
    - google chrome: 2sec
    - IE9: about 10sec
    - IE7: about 50sec
    - FF10.0.2 (under linux): 5sec

    here is a little bit more complicated but not to much example:

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