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Thread: radiogroup change event fired twice

    Looks like we can't reproduce the issue or there's a problem in the test case provided.
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    Still happens in 4.0.6

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    Same here.

    This is really annoying. Does someone have a solution, possibly an override for this? Also, when will this bug be fixed?

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    not a true fix, but you can buffer:

    listeners: {
    scope: this,
    change: {fn: this.onBtnCheck, buffer: 20}

    you'll only get 1 call; however, the oldVal shows the array, not the correct oldVal.

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    Believe it or not, I think the radiogroup is operating the way it's designed to (though I believe this is an example of usability taking a backseat to the demand that implementations be fully generic...) The 2 events are a reflection of the fact that there are actually 2 changes going on: the first is the state change that occurs when the user clicks a new radiobutton; the second is the state change that occurs when the RadioGroup's mutual-exclusion constraint logic kicks in to de-select the radiobutton that was previously checked. The following note in the documentation for Ext.form.RadioGroup.getValue is enlightening...

    NOTE: In Ext 3, this method returned an array of Checkbox components; this was changed to make it more consistent with other field components and with the setValue argument signature. If you need the old behavior in Ext 4+, use the getChecked method instead.

    While I understand the desire for consistency, in my opinion, working with something as inherently simple as a radio group shouldn't be so complicated. It's not just the multiple events. Another problem is that the types of the newSel and oldSel parameters in the 'change' handler differ from one call to the next. Another is the fact that the objects are keyed by a radiogroup name, which must be unique throughout the application. Thus, if the radiogroup is embedded in a form that might have multiple active instances, you have to uniquify the names somehow. If unique id's are required, I would prefer that Ext handle it transparently behind the scenes. It seems to me that if Ext is going to provide a RadioGroup class, it should also provide getValue/setValue methods that understand how RadioGroups work. The current interface is much more suited to independent checkboxes.

    At any rate, here's a method I wrote, which gives me easy access to the index of the selected radiobutton:
        // Convenience method that deciphers the mess provided to the RadioGroup's
        // 'change' handler, returning a single value representing the index of the
        // new selection, or null if we're in the transitional state in which 2
        // radio buttons are checked.
        getRationaleDisplayRadioGroup: function(newValue, oldValue) {
            var newSel = newValue[this.rationaleDisplayModeRadioName];
            // Note: newSel will be an Array only when we're in the transitional
            // state; don't react until RadioGroup logic has ensured only 1 button
            // checked.
            if (Ext.isArray(newSel))
                // Returning null tells caller we're in transitional state
                return null;
            return newSel;
    The following snippet from my notes gives the rationale...

    Ext's RadioGroup works in a rather complicated manner, given the inherent
    simplicity of radio buttons. In particular, when you change selections, you
    get 2 change events with the following input new/old values:
    Note: order of the elements in the array not specified and unimportant
    1st event:
    new: [ <old_sel_idx> <new_sel_idx> ]
    old: old_sel_idx
    2nd event:
    old: [ <old_sel_idx> <new_sel_idx> ]
    new: new_sel_idx
    Explanation: Ext is handling RadioButton clicks in 2 steps: the 1st is a
    transitional step, in which both old and new buttons are selected; after the
    2nd step, there's only 1 selection; hence, new selection is a single number.
    It was the 2nd event that was causing the problems in IE. The helper function
    I wrote to hide the Ext JS weirdness, getRationaleDisplayRadioGroup, didn't
    allow for the possibility that newSelArray might not be an array. The fact is
    that both old and new values can be either array or number.
    Fix: Allow for possibility that new value is a number. In fact, avoid reacting
    to the transitional event altogether by returning immediately if new sel is
    not a single number.
    Rationale: A radio group will always have a single new selection when it's not
    in a transitional state.
    Brett Stahlman

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    Thanks for posting the workaround, Brett. This is a remarkably stupid way that Ext JS handles radio button change events. I can't imagine why anybody would want to listen to the interim state when both are clicked, and to not even post some example code in the docs to help people cope with this insanity is an unfathomable oversight.

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    FYI this issue has already been resolved for 4.1, seems this post is a dupe of another ticket.
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    No problem Marc. Glad you found it useful.

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