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Thread: RowEditor: wrapper / elements positioning / width problem

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    Default RowEditor: wrapper / elements positioning / width problem


    not sure whether this can be called a bug. Maybe the RowEditor can be adjusted.

    Problem description:
    when using a RowEditor with a Grid and you click on one row, the editor panel appears and lays itself over the clicked row. The editor elements (ComboBox, TextField etc., they may be editable elements or read only, does not matter) do not have the same position as the elements of the grid that are edited. Instead they are slightly more to the left and bottom - as can be seen in the example demo page "RowEditor Grid".
    This may be ok if you have the RowEditor element look like a panel with 3d effect (with the default background images). In my project they look "flat" (no background images for the RowEditor element).
    .x-row-editor .x-btns .x-plain-body, 
    .x-row-editor .x-btns, 
    .x-row-editor .x-btns .x-plain-bwrap {
        background-image: none;
        background-color: transparent;
    .x-row-editor-body {
        background-color: white;
        height: 35px !important;
    .x-row-editor-footer, .x-row-editor-header {
        background-image: none;
        background-color: transparent;
    Thus, the different positioning does not feel appropriate. Especially at the most-left column, it does not look good when the text field directly starts at the left grid border. So I added a padding for that:
    .x-row-editor-bwrap {
        padding-left: 4px;
    Unfortunately, this also sets all subsequent components (fields) more to the right. which looks as if those elements extend partly into the next column. Even worse, in the last column, a part of the field is cut off at the right. This may be especially painful if you have a dropdown list as last element and you have scroller issues. Thus, the dropdown arrow can be largely cutoff...
    It would be better if the row editor had a possibility to set an offset. Thus, it could compute the positioning and sizes as the user wishes.

    Additonal info:
    - GXT version 2.2.3
    - Web mode
    - Browsers: Firefox 4.0, IE 9.0
    - Operating System: Windows 7

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    This is a long known issue and will be looked into for GXT 3

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    Ok, thanks so far.

    In which way will it be solved? Will the new RowEditor compute the position itself, or will there be a possibilty to set some kind of offset as suggested?

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