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Thread: Mouse sticks on image/screen while sliding/dragging

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    Question Mouse sticks on image/screen while sliding/dragging

    The problem I have also exist on all the examples. (like

    What is the problem? When you click and hold the mouse-button (or finger on touch screen that simulates a mouse) on an image and try to slide and release the mouse-button, the slide (whole screen) sticks on the mouse. While if you click on a space next to the image and try to slide the page, then the slide works as aspected. What is here the problem? And does anyone knows how to resolve this issue? The version I use is Sencha Touch 1.1.0 but the problem was always there, also for older versions. I use always latest version of Google Chrome.

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    I think its more like Desktop browser property and this will not be a problem in touch devices .

    Have a look into this post

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    This is the default behaviour of many (all?) browsers
    You have to listen to mousedown event on the img element and preventDefault

    you can use this on <img> element :

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