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Thread: [FIXED-EXTJSIV-1839][4.0.0] Regression - collapsed Fieldsets

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    Default [FIXED-EXTJSIV-1839][4.0.0] Regression - collapsed Fieldsets


    We have some fieldsets that are collapsed by default. I upgraded to 4.0.0 today, and now these fieldsets no longer render their child components when you expand them.

    If I comment out the "defaults: { collapsed: true }" part of the parent Panel config, the elements render perfectly, which seems to confirm that it's definitely a problem with the fieldsets being collapsed by default.


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    Can you provide a test case for this? We do have a few examples in the 4.0.0 distro containing fieldsets collapsed by default, and they render their items just fine. For example:

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    I think I found it: the rendering works fine when the fieldset is within a container with a layout that performs sizing, e.g. layout:'anchor'. This is the default layout for FormPanel so it works fine in all our examples. It doesn't work when inside an auto container layout. Will investigate.

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    Found the bug and fixed. Thanks for reporting this.

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