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Thread: Data Writers not sending data!

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    Exclamation Data Writers not sending data!

    Hello All,
    I'm trying to create a Grid with a row editor that will work with a REST service I have written. My problem is that my REST service is not recieving any data! I've tried both the Json, and Xml writers. Both access the correct URI ( /api/rest/documents/24 for example ). However, neither seems to be sending any parameters! I was previously working with ExtJS 3, and had a custom writer that just sent a set of keys in the standard POST/GET key=data style, but I don't have the know-how to rewrite it for ExtJS 4. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance,

    Here is my code:
    Ext.require(['*', 'Ext.grid.*']);
    Ext.define('Document', {
        extend: '',
        fields: [
                name: 'id',
                type: 'int',
                useNull: true,
                name: 'name',
                type: 'text',
                useNull: 'true',
        var writer = new;
        var reader = new{
                    type: 'json',
                    root: 'items',
                    totalProperty  : 'total',
                    successProperty: 'success'                    
        var store = Ext.create('', {
            autoLoad: true,
            autoSync: true,
            remoteSort: true,
            model: 'Document',
            proxy: {
                type: 'rest',
                url: '/api/rest/documents',
                headers: {
                      'Accept' : 'application/json'
                reader: reader,
                writer: writer,
        var bbar = new Ext.PagingToolbar({
            //pageSize: 10,
            store: store
        var rowEditing = Ext.create('Ext.grid.plugin.RowEditing');
        var grid = Ext.create('Ext.grid.Panel', {
            renderTo: 'documents-grid',
            plugins: [rowEditing],
            width: 400,
            height: 300,
            frame: true,
            title: 'Documents',
            store: store,
            iconCls: 'icon-user',
            bbar: bbar,
            columns: [
                    text: 'ID',
                    width: 40,
                    sortable: true,
                    dataIndex: 'id',
                    renderer: function(v){
                        if (Ext.isEmpty(v)) {
                            v = ' '
                        return v;
                    text: 'Name',
                    flex: 1,
                    sortable: true,
                    dataIndex: 'name',
                    field: {
                        xtype: 'textfield'
            dockedItems: [{
                xtype: 'toolbar',
                items: [{
                    text: 'Add',
                    iconCls: 'icon-add',
                    handler: function(){
                        // empty record
                        store.insert(0, new Document());
                        rowEditing.startEdit(0, 0);
                }, '-', {
                    text: 'Delete',
                    iconCls: 'icon-delete',
                    handler: function(){
                        var selection = grid.getView().getSelectionModel().getSelection()[0];
                        if (selection) {

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    Using Firebug, check the request being made. It may be sending the params, except not in traditional key=val format.

    I know that the AJAX Proxy, by default (and by an UNOVERRIDABLE DEFAULT NONETHELESS), encodes data as JSON for the request. Perhaps the REST Proxy does the same.

    If you find any way to override how a proxy encodes its data (not just sort/group/filter params, but actual model data), PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know!

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    Default Key/Val Writer

    In the end, I was able to recreate my simple writer in Ext JS 4. Here is the code. I'm pretty sure this will break if a key is used multiple times. I'm not sure how to handle that issue.

     * @class
     * @extends
     * @ignore
    Ext.define('', {
        extend: '',
        alternateClassName: '',
        alias: '',
        writeRecords: function(request, data) {
            for( d in data ) {
                    for( key in data[d] ) {
                            //This probably needs to be modified to work
                            //with arrays of data larger then 1
                            request.params[key] = data[d][key];
            return request;

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