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Thread: Does Ext.Direct useful enough?

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    Default Does Ext.Direct useful enough?

    I have a prototype using Ext.Direct, so after using it I understand better what it does for me.

    In some cases, it complain on the client side that I didn't provide the right number of arguments, and it batching my AJAX requests when many are done at the same time, like in the initialization of my UI.

    Using JSON directly without Ext.Direct is quite easy in both Java Spring, and .NET MVC.

    The value of validation of the number of arguments is low. My server would tell me anyway. So it seems the only value is the batching of requests.

    With some customization of Ext JS we should be able to get batch JSON, instead of using a proprietary mechanism:

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    Another great thing I like and have used is the ability to just execute PHP functions within JS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SebTardif View Post
    With some customization of Ext JS we should be able to get batch JSON, instead of using a proprietary mechanism:
    Forget about it. Open standards like JSON-RPC or XML-RPC for external interfaces mean easy migration between platforms and solutions. If they adhere to standards, it will be quite easy to migrate to ExtJS competitors without significant server side modifications.

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    @Tut, think this is not fully right.
    I tried to implement with Zend_Json_Server which is a standard JSON-RPC implementation.
    The stubs is using look really different as Zend_Json_Server generates, and also the response look different.
    So I have to write my own Server class from the code shown here:

    Also is right that the property autoSync, set true, seem not to work always.
    Actually I am testing out how to implement it in the right way.

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