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Thread: New EXTJS starter, should I try EXTJS v4.x, or stick with EXTJS v3.x ?

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    Default New EXTJS starter, should I try EXTJS v4.x, or stick with EXTJS v3.x ?

    I have been spending a day working with EXTJS v4.0 BETA 3.

    It feels like bit like I am entering a nightmare, but I am new to JS and EXTJS so that may explain it.

    I am working on a new project, but i suspect I do not require any functionality which EXTJS v3.x does not offer. Would people recommend I stick with EXTJS v3.x?

    When will EXTJS v4.x release? How long until that is considered safe/mature for real use?


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    The nightmare aspect comes from the fact that it's not fully baked, and I guess that's to be expected.

    You know, 4.0 is quite different than 3.0, and I don't know, given how close we probably are to a release, that it will be worth learning 3.0 and then using compatibility layers or unlearning it to do 4.0.

    There are architectural advantages to 4.0 that just make it worth it, to me:

    • Templates are baked more deeply into the framework, making it easier to customize once you get used to it.
    • Trees and Grids, while visually different, are structurally similar.
    • Separated model framework should facilitate design of MVC apps, as well as sharing of like data.
    • Themes will be practical to create for the average developer.

    Some of these are advantages that a compatibility layer won't give you (or at least not visibility into them).

    I was in the midst of converting our application to 3.3 from 2.3 when the PRs came out, and we made the decision to skip 3.3. and go straight to 4.0, hoping to converge our next release with the final of 4.0...


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    Thank you for your comments. I will stick to v4.x then

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