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Thread: [CLOSED][B3] Field mixin getValue always returns string on form.getValues

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    Thank you for reporting this bug. We will make it our priority to review this report.
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    Default [CLOSED][B3] Field mixin getValue always returns string on form.getValues

    I have the following component I've developed (code below) for our ExtJS4 application, built on top of CouchDB. The field, I want to be able to save as an array in our database, which will be like this: [2, "Days"]

    In the below code, up to the console.log the value is fine, however when I do form.getValues this is always converted to a string as "2,Days" which isn't much use to me.

    Ext.define('QM.ux.TimespanField', {
      extend: 'Ext.form.FieldContainer',
      mixins: {
        field: 'Ext.form.field.Field'
      alias: 'widget.timespan',
      getValue: function() {
        var prefix, suffix, value;
        prefix = this.down('#prefix').getRawValue();
        suffix = this.down('#suffix').getRawValue();
        value = [prefix, suffix];
        return value;
      setValue: function(value) {
      initComponent: function() {
        Ext.apply(this, {
          layout: 'hbox',
          flex: 1,
          fieldDefaults: {
            allowBlank: true
          defaults: {
            layout: '100%'
          items: [
              xtype: 'numberfield',
              name: 'prefix',
              itemId: 'prefix',
              flex: 1,
              hideLabel: true,
              minValue: 1,
              maxValue: 999,
              allowDecimals: false,
              accelerate: true,
              submitValue: false
            }, {
              xtype: 'combo',
              name: 'suffix',
              itemId: 'suffix',
              flex: 1,
              hideLabel: true,
              editable: false,
              queryMode: 'local',
              store: this.createSuffixStore(),
              displayField: 'suffix',
              valueField: 'suffix',
              submitValue: false
        return this.callParent(arguments);
      createSuffixStore: function() {
        return Ext.create('', {
          fields: ['suffix'],
          data: [
              suffix: 'Minutes'
            }, {
              suffix: 'Hours'
            }, {
              suffix: 'Days'
            }, {
              suffix: 'Weeks'
            }, {
              suffix: 'Months'
            }, {
              suffix: 'Years'
    The form itself that uses this is also not doing the posting, the form handles record from the store of the type that uses this. So when saving a form, it handles it like this:

    saveItem: function(button) {
        var form, record, store, values, win;
        win = button.up('window');
        form = win.down('form');
        values = form.getValues();
        record = form.getRecord();
        store = this.getAssetsStore();
        if (!record) {
          record = new QM.model.Asset(values);
          store.insert(0, record);
        } else {
        return win.close();
    I think the problem is the assumption here in the existing code as that form.getValues should encode the values, when I would expect this to be done at the store or model level with a writer.

    This worked fine in ExtJS3, here is the ExtJS3 version for comparison:

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    (source keeps messing up for some reason, link to gist instead:

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    You'll want to use the getFieldValues method, it was added for the next release.
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