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Thread: [OPEN TOUCH-137] enableHighAccuracy/allowHighAccuracy in GeoLocation

    Success! Looks like we've fixed this one. According to our records the fix was applied for TOUCH-2804 in a recent build.
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    It took a year to fix a bug I provided you guys with the fix for in a clearly stated and researched bug report.

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    Default Seriously?!

    I love sencha, trust me I do. I am just confused as to how this bug is STILL in ST 2.0.1.

    Path: \sdk\src\util
    File: Geolocation.js
    Line: 375

    allowHighAccuracy: this.getAllowHighAccuracy()
    Change to
    enableHighAccuracy: this.getAllowHighAccuracy()
    Pretty Please...

    For those trying to get this fixed now add the following code for ST2.0.1

    			parseOptions: function(){
    				var timeout = this.getTimeout(),
    		            ret = {
    		                maximumAge: this.getMaximumAge(),
    						enableHighAccuracy: this.getAllowHighAccuracy()
    		        //Google doesn't like Infinity
    		        if (timeout !== Infinity) {
    		            ret.timeout = timeout;
    		        return ret;

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    I'm actually not sure if this has really been fixed.....

    @chaoswarp: thanks for your workaround. Unbelievable that this is still not fixed!
    Seems that my device is now searching for GPS, but just for a second and then uses the default network location. I'll have to dig deeper into it.

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    How do i Check the GPS if is ON on the Android and iOS and how do i enable GPS

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