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Thread: How to get the datetime without timezone conversion

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    Default How to get the datetime without timezone conversion

    Hey Everyone,

    Im using :
    { name: 'initialDate',type:'date',dateFormat:'c'} (STORE)
    renderer: Ext.util.Format.dateRenderer('D d/m/Y H:i ') (GRID - COLUMN)

    I dont wanna change my original database information, but when I use the code above EXT change the original database and converts the datetime using the timezone (-03:00). So, if the datetime in the database is 09:37 ExtJS shows 06:37. How can I solve it?

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    are you sure that it's the javascript converting it or is it PHP/ColdFusion/jsp/other web app server converting it to the different timezone?
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    You were completely right. I started learning Rails and ExtJS and sometimes I dont know where the solution is. Thanks for your answer.

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