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Thread: Disable collapse/expand buttons in FieldSet

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    Default Disable collapse/expand buttons in FieldSet

    I would like to be able to remove the display of the expand/collapse buttons in the FieldSet but have not figured out from the existing forums how to do this. I am able to hide the borders as specified below but not either hide or remove the expand/collapse buttons. I see these defined in .x-tool but not sure how to access this to change them. I only want to do this in this one case of the fieldset. I will be adding/removing widgets to the fieldset so I do want the capability of expanding/collapsing the fieldset on my own events.

        final private FieldSet fieldSet_ = new FieldSet();
        fieldSet_.setStyleAttribute("border", "none");

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    Have you tried fieldSet.setCollapsible (false) ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by micgala View Post
    Have you tried fieldSet.setCollapsible (false) ?
    setCollapsble is not a thing and does not work.

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