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Thread: Problems with IE9

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    Exclamation Problems with IE9

    I'm trying EXT JS 3.X with IE9. Example pages seems to have some compatibility problems. Also editables grids with select boxes doesn't work correctly...

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    I get feedback from our customers that IE9.0 doesn't work well. I ve tried to install IE 9 myself but I failed. It seems some people have managed to install this ugly browser on their computer.

    One problem I ve heard so far: trees do not get focus....

    when does it disappear, that IE nightmare?

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    Default IE9 problems

    we too experience problems with IE9 and existing internal applications and even the examples given by Sencha. There seems to be no info to be found about this problem on the Sencha website? Is there a solution?

    (interesting that doing a search on "IE9" in the forums does not give any results ?!!?)
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    Any news concerning the IE9 Problem so far?

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    If you are using Ext 3.4, which was released to include support for IE9, and are encountering issues, please submit a bug report.

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