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Thread: Clarification of ExtJS 4 Licence Agreement - A Disgruntled customer

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    Exclamation Clarification of ExtJS 4 Licence Agreement - A Disgruntled customer

    I've just had this email from Sencha:

    Thank you for being a Sencha customer. We wanted to let you know that Ext JS 4.0 is currently available as a developer preview and will be released soon. We want you to be able to use the new version for your web application projects, so we're reaching out with a special offer to purchase a new Standard or Premium annual support subscription and take advantage of some incredible benefits. By purchasing a new annual support subscription, youll get easy access to Ext JS 4.0 free-of-charge (when available) without having to purchase a new Ext JS 4.0 product license. Plus, youll have the backing of Senchas world-class support team to ensure the success of your Ext JS projects.

    As you know, your current Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Diamond support contract does not include free upgrades to the next major release of the product. So, to be eligible to receive Ext JS 4.0 without purchasing a new product license, you must have a valid Standard or Premium support subscription. To purchase a new Standard or Premium annual support subscription, please email us at [email protected].
    So I would just like some clarification on this, as up until now I think I've actually asked this question twice and never got an answer, and looking at the forums other have too.

    We purchased a ExtJS + Designer + Support licence in August 2010. So we've had this for less than a year, and still have a few months to go with the support licence - but are now expected to fork out more money to purchase ExtJS4 which Sencha have dangled like a carrot in front of all of us for the last few months?

    We're a small startup, not a lot of cash left and have held off development of some work since the announcement of ExtJS4 since it has quite a few features (Models, treestore, draw package) fit exactly into our requirements for our app.

    We were at first disappointed when the first release of ExtJS4 slipped passed the first expected release date (as can be expected in software development so wasn't a huge shocker) but since the PR release - have been working to port over a whole bunch of our components, and work on new ones using these features (as I have to say going rather well).

    We like ExtJS, and we especially like ExtJS4 - but this does feel like a bit of a slap in the face to us and other Sencha customers (poor sods who paid for a Diamond licence). We don't really have the budget to afford a new licence - especially because of delays - but are now in a catch 22 of wanting to use ExtJS4 but not getting access to the final package.

    If we are to upgrade, can we at least expect a refund of the final 5 months of our existing support agreement, or a reduction in cost of a new support licence (which we have never used btw, still have the 40 credits left).

    Some clarification on these matters would be much appreciated, especially since up till now Sencha have remained rather tight-lipped about the whole thing. And to anyone who points to the pre-sale stuff - please read over it again, where does it say existing customers have to do this? I does not, the whole pre-sale thing was aimed at new customers with no licence agreements at all to get access to 3 as well as 4 on release.

    - A Disgruntled customer

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    As a bit more of a clarification to my points above - my main issue is that - before the public announcement of ExtJS4 - we could have easily developed our application using the open source ExtJS package until such time as we were ready to launch and at this time purchased a commercial licence.

    Now if we did do that, within 2-3 months we would have seen the offer about the ExtJS4 pre-licence agreement that included ExtJS3 which would have been much better for us.

    But we didn't, we decided that ExtJS was for us and purchased it there and then, with support. In that time, Sencha must have know they would be shortly announcing ExtJS4 and that customers who purchased agreements within that time would have to pay again to upgrade - within a timeframe of less than a year.

    My current mood: deceived

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    I was a little surprised by this email as well. I had thought my silver support plan covered major upgrades while the plan was active. Perhaps, I didn't read the fine print enough. I think the best option is to see what they quote for an upgrade to the standard support plan and go from there. That may be why they are providing custom quotes for customers so they can consider what is fair.

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