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Thread: ExtJS and SEO

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    Default ExtJS and SEO

    I am using the datagrid component on ExtJS and it works well for my application.

    I have noticed that google and the other search engine bots do not easily read the contents of the grid - maybe I am mistaken.

    Is there any way to elegantly expose the contents of the datagrid for SEO purposes? Does anyone have any tips for increasing SEO when using ExtJS?

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    Generally speaking, runtime generated content isn't going to play well with SEO... If you disable javascript in your browser and view the page, that is how a search engine spider is going to render it. Only content that is available there will be crawlable and therefore indexed. Any content that relies on ajax or other mechanisms will not get indexed.

    If SEO is more important than aesthetics, then you need to adjust accordingly. Move the data out of JS and into the page, and then use JS/CSS to dress it up. You can still use the datagrid component, but you could look into rendering it from markup, look at the example at

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