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Thread: [PR4] Multi selection Combobox selection rendering away from the combobox

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    Default [PR4] Multi selection Combobox selection rendering away from the combobox

    1) In IE and FF if the combobox's list is rendered above the combobox if I enter 'Texas' in the combo it renders teh selection, but well above the combobox. Works ok when the combobox has space below it to render the list under the combo.

    2) Also, if I select Arizona and Colorado it inputs 'Arizona, Colorado' in the combo field. If I collapse teh list and then expand it again Arizona and Colorado are still selected. If I type 'Arizona, Colorado' in the combobox should it select them in the list once the list is expanded? If it's not supposed to then strike number 2 here.

    IE used: 7.0.5730.13CO
    FF used: 3.6.13
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