Greetings, all.
Total noob here with a question on loading a Tree.
I'm trying to populate a Tree with data from a server.
I query the server and get data of the form

<distslist next='some url or other'>
<dist href='some other url'>hex digits</dist>
<dist href='some other url'>hex digits</dist>

the <dist> elements are going to be nodes of the tree, and the attributes of the nodes will be found at 'some other url'.

I've been trying to get the data at 'some other url' by putting an Ext.Ajax.request call in the processAttributes method of the XmlTreeLoader extension of TreeLoader, and then filling in the node attributes in the success function of the Ext.Ajax.request. That doesn't work, because (I guess) the tree is rendered (if that's the term I want) before the success function is called to fill in the attributes.

Can anybody suggest a better way (i.e. a way that will work.)