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Thread: Override TreePanel to support onkeyup, onkeydown events

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    Default Override TreePanel to support onkeyup, onkeydown events

    Hi guys,

    I'm stuck on overriding the TreePanel to support onkeyup and onkeydown events
    on child nodes. I've basically followed the thread post that was
    basically doing the same for Forms.

    So I've added the following:
    Ext.override(Ext.tree.TreePanel, {
                fireKey : function(e) {
                    if(((Ext.isIE && e.type == 'keydown') || e.type == 'keypress') && e.isSpecialKey()) {
                        this.fireEvent('specialkey', this, e);
                    else {
                        this.fireEvent(e.type, this, e);
              , initEvents : function() {
    //                this.el.on(Ext.isIE ? "keydown" : "keypress", this.fireKey,  this);
                    this.el.on("focus", this.onFocus,  this);
                    this.el.on("blur", this.onBlur,  this);
                    this.el.on("keydown", this.fireKey, this);
                    this.el.on("keypress", this.fireKey, this);
                    this.el.on("keyup", this.fireKey, this);
                    // reference to original value for reset
                    this.originalValue = this.getValue();
    I'm not understanding why after adding this cose, all the TreePanels
    of my code are just messed up: rendering is completely broken.

    Is there any other way to catch onkeyup and onkeydown (basically following
    up/down arrow keys while going up/down in the tree nodes) to the TreePanel?

    Please let me know
    Thanks for your time

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    I've also tried a different approach, that I've found later reading the doc.
    I've added to my TreePanel definition the following, but without any result again:

     keys: [
                { key: Ext.EventObject.UP, fn: function() {
                { key: Ext.EventObject.DOWN, fn: function() {
    This should work, at least as per-doc.

    Can someone please explain me what it wrong?


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