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Thread: Ext.Toolbar.removeAll(false) doesn't work properly?

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    Default Ext.Toolbar.removeAll(false) doesn't work properly?

    I'm trying to remove buttons from a toolbar without detroying the Component so I can re-use it later, but I find that the function call Ext.Toolbar.removeAll(false) and Ext.Toolbar.remove(false) don't actually remove the HTML from the page. I am calling both doComponentLayout() and doLayout() after the calls to remove and add buttons, but the old buttons still show up...

    Calling the function with autoDestroy works fine but causes my references to be unclickable.

    Any suggestions?

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    if you are not destroying them, you need to change their parent containers or hide them.

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    OTOH... why doesn't removeAll() actually remove them, like the documentation suggests it should?

    I'm not sure if Mr. Garcia's reply is "the official way" or a workaround for a broken method.

    It really sounds like a bug to me... can we have a fix please?

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