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Thread: Submit a textfield of a toolbar

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    Default Submit a textfield of a toolbar


    I have a FormPanel, which has a toolbar (config: {tbar...}). The toolbar has a named text field.

    I would like to submit the whole FormPanel, along with the text field's value. The FormPanel docs say:

    However, the values will be submitted because form submission parameters are collected from the DOM tree.
    But when I submit the form, the field is not included. Please, does any one know why not? Or how to make it submit? Web Inspector shows, that the toolbar's DIV is not beneath the FORM in DOM, btw..?

    And I'm using 3.3.1

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    You may not have your field configured properly. Maybe name or hiddenName parameters are not set?

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    How are you submitting the form? formPanel.getForm().getValues() should correctly include the field, but formPanel.getForm().getFieldValues() won't.

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