This field set that I need to dynamically load the selections:
	var fs_equipment = {
		xtype: 'fieldset',
		title: 'Equipment',
		ref: '../../fsequipment',
		collapsible: true,
		autoHeight: true,
		collapsed: false,
		items: [{
			xtype: 'itemselector',
			hideLabel: true,
			name: 'equipment_select',
			ref: '../../../equipmentSelect',
			imagePath: '/ext-3.3.1/examples/ux/images/',
			multiselects: [{
				width: 134,
				height: 200,
				store: storeTherapy,
				displayField: 'item_value',
				valueField: 'item_value'
				width: 134,
				height: 200,
				store: storeEquipmentMulti,
				displayField: 'item_value',
				valueField: 'item_value',
				ref: '../../../../../equipmentSelected'

I have the 'equipValues' formatted like this:
['Blah 123'], [Blah 321']

I load the store for the selected side of multiselect and it places one character per line in the multiselect instead of one value per line

I've put many hours in to this and can't find a solution.... any help would be greatly appreciated.