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Thread: Ext 3 to 4 Migration

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    Default been there done that

    IIRC, there is a compatibility layer JS that directs you how to rewrite components as needed. it was painful since our app was a huge one-page (portal with many kinds of widgets, some with maps), but it worked pretty well. i'm afraid it is all or nothing but also forgiving if that makes sense. in other words, some things the layer will let you get away with so that other components can be dealt with.

    we did see a performance boost as well as improved look and feel.

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    Default Upgrading


    I know its late. I am currently using ext 3.1 and I wanted to upgrade to ext js 5. Should I first upgrade to 4 and then 5?

    Any help to guide me on this is much appreciated.

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    I did a lot of migrations and I think you would be better from 3.1 to 5.x latest.You could enable the 5.x migration mode, that will help just a little.You will have to rewrite lot of code maybe can use some editor replace, with regex.Often you app will start with a blank page without any warning/error!So you will have to start with having viewport load, then 1+ component, and repeat.See

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