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Thread: Hosting a extjs website

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    Default Hosting a extjs website

    Hey i hope i posted this in the right place, I am hosting a website for the first time so dont have any knowledge about it. What files do I have to upload to the web server ext-all , ext-base and the css files?

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    Thanks alot for the link but it doesn't say how to host a http website it just says that i can

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    Just to make it more clearer I am trying to host my website on go daddy, what files should I upload besides the ones i mentioned in my first post

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    Upload ext-all.js, ext-base.js and the entire resources directory.

    And optionally, src/locale/* and examples/ux/*.

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    thanks its working fine now.

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    Default Which hosting you are using?

    I don't know which hosting company you are using right now, for WordPress, I would suggest you choose managed hosting like Cloudways as I am using their WordPress server hosting which is hosted within my location.

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