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Thread: Backward compatibility ExtJS 4

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    Default Backward compatibility ExtJS 4

    Hi to all,
    I'm about to start a new product and would like to eventually include ExtJS 4 in it. How backward compatible would it be with ExtJS 3?


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    I've read it will be a "Mechanical upgrade", meaning there is work involved on your part.

    Also, if you include any third party plugins, those will need to be ported over. Lastly, if your code does not follow the best practices, you will endure pain. Obviously these last two points have nothing to do w/ Sencha Inc directly.

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    We're creating a legacy file that you can include to help upgrade your app. Basically the legacy file is a diff between 3.x's API and 4.x's API with shim methods where appropriate and warning messages thrown where not. You will have to make changes to your app, but the legacy file and upgrade guide should make that relatively straightforward.
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