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Thread: Performance issues

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    Default Performance issues

    We experiencing slow performance issues with our page. The page takes between 6-8 seconds to load on fast computer and up to 30 seconds on slow computer.

    Our pages are dynamically constructed with multiple Content Panels, some expanded other collapsed. Each panel contains varying field types dictated by a dynamic configuration. FileUpload, Field, NumberField, TextArea, TextField, Label Field, etc.
    Some fields are multi fields held together within Adapter fields, with Images and Button types.

    We have identified 2 sources of bottlenecks. The first is just getting the data to the client through the RPC calls, we do not include the processing of the fields in this calculation. On average this is between 3 and 7 seconds. We have tried converting everything to JSON, zipping our data, and sending as xml without any noticeable improvement in performance of just transferring our data from server to client.

    Our second identified bottleneck is how long it takes just for the layout call to execute. This takes 3-8 seconds, depending on the machine. We've replaced most of the horizontal and vertical panels with their GWT equivalents, and saw a .5 second improvement. Some of our more complicated field types still utilize the GXT panels with GWT panel wrapper to fit in with our object model.

    Here's a rough example of how we are displaying our data.

    One content panel contains 40 - 80 fields:
    Horizontal Panel (GWT) for every field.
    Field may use one or two rows. If field using two rows then Vertical Panel (GWT) holds two Horizontal Panels (GWT)
    One row:
    Field Name Field Value

    Two rows:
    Field Name
    Field Value

    File Field may have Upload and Delete Buttons (GXT)

    Can you offer any suggestions on what steps we can take to improve our performance?

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    Why do you wrap every field with a horizontalpanel. Why designing UIs, always use as minumum widgets as possible in GXT.

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