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Thread: Text Area inside propertyGrid

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    Default Text Area inside propertyGrid


    I have address column in in PropertyGrid.

    If edit the property grid and we enter address like this.

    Abc Company,
    Place- 10001-pin.

    The PropertyGrid is showing this value in one line like this.

    Abc Company,Address-line1,..

    I have increased the row hight for Address, Still it is displaying it one line.
    Note: when i click the cell for edit thru TextArea, it displays again.

    I know i have to fix this thru render function. But i don't know how to do it.

    I can see same behaviour in EditorGridPanel too.


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    I got this working. Thanks.

     customRenderers: {
            		var res = '';
            		var ch = '';
            		if(v && v.length > 0){
            			for(var i=0;i<v.length;i++){
            				ch = v.charAt(i);
            				if(ch == '\n')
            					res += '<br>';
            					res += ch; 
            		return res;

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