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Thread: Stop Event propagation ?

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    Default Stop Event propagation ?

    i am using Ext.grid.CheckboxSelectionModel for checkbox on each row of the grid.

    I want to stop event propagation when the check box is clicked. The below code is not working.

    checkboxSel = new Ext.grid.CheckboxSelectionModel({
    listeners: {
    function(evt) {


    Please help!

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    In the api doc here

    There is no click listener present.

    Are you sure you dont mean to use the rowselect or possibly the selectionchange event

    And inside of those methods you can maybe try the code
    return false;

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    @pbban --

    The 'beforerowselect' is likely the event you're after. It's cancel-able by returning false in its handler.

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    i have kind of same use case but i want to stop event when grid is selected so that checkbox should not be selected but navigation should work , and i can not totally disable grid selection
    is there any way , if i use 'return:false' it will stop navigation also

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