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Thread: Input on browser use/speeds in ExtJS

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    Default Input on browser use/speeds in ExtJS

    I would like to get some input on browser speeds in regards to JS/ExtJS.

    In the beginning I used FF 3.6/Linux to develop my app due to Firebug. The speed was OK, but a bit slow in rendering forms. (3~5 seconds). IE is slower yet. (Yes ... this is with Firebug disabled)

    I then decided to install Chromium and the forms load instantly. The entire application is more responsive. Almost to the level of a regular app.

    I then ran the Google benchmarks at:

    I am averaging around 250~300 on my scores in FF and IE.

    Chromium/Chrome give me speeds of 4K (10x the speed). Is this test biased for Chrome?

    ExtJS definitely runs much faster.

    In reading many of the posts, I see many other ExtJS developers still use FF/FB to develop. I have started developing in Chrome using Developer Tools.

    Is everyone else seeing the same results, and just accepting the slowness for the ability of using Firebug to develop?

    If this is not the case, then what can I do to find the slowness in FF?

    I can duplicate this on other PC's using Win7 and XP.


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    I've started using Chrome (with the build-in developer tools) too, but I do miss some Firebug features, so I still switch back sometimes.

    Firefox is partly slower because of the way Ext layouts are programmed. The way they use style information is not optimized for Gecko. This will be a lot faster in Ext 4.

    For IE 6 and 7: Use quirks mode (no DOCTYPE). Ext layouts have to work a lot harder in strict mode.

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