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    Default browser refresh

    Upon refresh, I am going back to the home page, which in this case is the login window of my app. How do I stay on the current page after refresh. Thanks.

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    Sounds to me you are not handling the login correctly. Such as setting a variable in a PHP session stating the user is logged in. but one could only guess based on the info provided. There is a great forum thread on login windows in the forums. I would search for it.
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    Hi, Thanks for responding. This may have something to do with State management and refreshing. I mentioned login window because that's the home page. My url does not change in the browser as I navigate thru the app.

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    Of course the URL doesn't change in an app. You should have backend session or use of cookies. Would much rather use session. Past that, you can set the hash in the URL and when loading get that hash and do something
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    Default any working example??

    Could you point to some links, fiddles where I could see an example of what you are saying.


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