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Thread: [0.2] Ext.ux.PasswordMeter

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    Default [0.2] Ext.ux.PasswordMeter

    After working with Ext for some time I tought it would be time to start writing some extentions.

    Ext.ux.PasswordMeter calculates the strength of a password, shows a nice graph and can be used in any form.

    Code and example can be found here.

    If you guys have suggestions or comments please let me know.

    Hopefully it can be usefull for someone

    Compare with other fields in the form (configuration option)

    Fix IE layout inconsistency
    I improved the algorithm and it now works like expected
    Set meter to 0 if the password field is empty

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    Very nice!!

    Note: In IE the progress widget is not correct align to password field. May be 1 or 2 pixel to right!

    Thanks in advance,
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    Thanks, I noticed it, I'll add it to the todo list

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    You might want to do some more checking based on other form fields (ie: first / last name).

    I entered my first name and last name, then i choose a password of first+last name and got a high rated password when in fact it isn't that great of a password.

    Looks good so far...just needs a little more improving.

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    I have a question what could be construed as a suggestion. Typically the creation of a new password usually requires a second field for confirming the previous password. I am not sure it needs to have a progress bar below the first one - perhaps even an option for this control to make both edit boxes and put the progress bar between them and have it verify that both passwords are the same. It is what I like to call laziness...

    Thanks, looks good.

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    Lightbulb p.length=0

    If the user erases all of the characters in the password field, the score doesn't drop back down to zero. Adding the following to the top of calcStrength should fix that.
    PHP Code:
    if (p.length == 0) {

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    I was thinking of something like that, good idea. I think I'll add a configuration option for that, so you can pass an array with fields that need to be compared with the password.

    Mayb I'll add this feature.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Pagebaker View Post
    I was thinking of something like that, good idea. I think I'll add a configuration option for that, so you can pass an array with fields that need to be compared with the password.
    May I suggest a couple of things with regard to this:

    • Not all string values that we want/need to filter out will be available in a form field, so an array of string values would be nice.
    • We may not always know the values we wish to force the user to exclude, so a config option referencing a function that returns an array would also be handy.
    • Which leads me to wonder if maybe this can all be accomplished with a single function that gets called each and every time (like validators do) and returns an array of static string values, an array of field values, a combination, or whatever the developer decides.
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    JeffHowden, I'm not sure what you mean could you explain it a little better or give an example? thanks

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    Reminds me of a old function we created when working with Entrust TruePass - as soon as you met a criteria for a strong password, that criteria was checked and you could not create the password unless all criteria was checked.

    So, if you required a special character, this appeared initially as an 'x' and didn't change until you supplied one.

    Same for numeric, min length etc.

    It was customizable too. You might consider dispalying information like that so the user knows why his password is strong or not.

    I'll have to see if I can dig that up....

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