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Thread: Ruby on Rails and Sencha Touch - modular way (demo)

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    Default Ruby on Rails and Sencha Touch - modular way (demo)

    2 years ago I started a project (called "Netzke") that allows writing Ext JS and Ruby on Rails web apps in a component-oriented way, which gives some very strong advantages, especially for complex projects. When Sencha Touch was out, I realized that its architecture is very similar to that of Ext JS, which meant it'd be rather simple for Netzke to support Sencha Touch as well. Yesterday I published a tutorial showing how to make a simple data-driven Sencha Touch / Ruby on Rails component. If Ruby on Rails is something that at least wakes your curiosity, here's the tutorial.

    Let me know what you think!

    P.S.: Before you think it's "just a Ruby wrapper" for Sencha Touch, please, read the front page of the project website - hope, you'll see it's so much more In fact, it may be the only existing component framework for Rails, with Sencha libraries used as front-end.

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    Default Awesome concept

    Hello xonmac, I really like this concept but by the time I discovered Netzke, all the tutorials and docs were for rails 3 and extjs 4. I read in a blog that Netzke is now funded (congratulations btw) and will support rails 4 and extjs 5. I'm still having minor difficulties getting it to work, are there any updated documents or tutorials with rails 4. Thanks in advance.

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