Hi, I am seeking some advice regarding unnecessary scrollbars appearing on certain form items. A screenshot of the issue appears below. Note it is the right-most scrollbar that is unnecessary.

The culprit appears to be the following css, adding overflow: auto; to form items within windows in gecko-based browsers (the problem appears on Firefox):
.ext-gecko .x-window-body .x-form-item {
    outline: medium none;
    overflow: auto;
Removing this style solves the problem, but I am wary of possible side effects - though I haven't noticed any as yet, this style was obviously included for a reason.

Does anyone who knows more about Ext styling know if overriding this css to remove the overflow: auto; style will cause other problems?

As an aside, this is only an issue (so far) with a certain component - a custom extension of the Ext.ux.form.MultiSelect component - even though other components use more vertical space. Does anyone know of a possible reason for this?

Thanks for any help.