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    Default Viewport performance problem

    I am rendering a large div element into the "center" of the viewport using contentEL. It takes a very long time in Firefox. Using Ext 3.3.1

    I've created a sample using portal from the examples directory. The "center" is replaced with a table of 1000 rows and 10 columns. This takes anywhere from 1-2 sec sec in IE8/Chrome8 but 6-6.5 sec in Firefox 3.6. Rendering the table without the viewport is very fast in Firefox (< 1 sec)

    I've attached a zip containing 2 files, portal-table.html and portal-table.js. Unzip in the "portal" examples directory. Open portal-table.html in browser. Rendering time is displayed at the top. To see render speed without the viewport simply comment the line that includes portal-table.js.

    Any way to speed this up?
    Thanks in advance.
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