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Thread: TimeField in grid with both editor and custom render

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    Default TimeField in grid with both editor and custom render

    I'm using a time field for start/end times.

    initially I was using renderer: Ext.util.Format.dateRenderer('H:i') which displayed the time as
    I wanted - but any edits caused a NaN. Following the existing forum posts I swiched to
    a custom renderer which did nothing (except I'm guessing cast from string to date) and it did
    make the editing functional - however the display when not editing is now the full date string.

    var timeEditor = new fm.TimeField({format:'H:i', minValue: '0:01 AM', maxValue: '4:00 AM', increment: 1});
    function renderTime(value){
    return value;

    {header: 'Start',width: 180,dataIndex: 'start_time', editor: timeEditor, renderer: renderTime},
    {header: 'End',width: 180,dataIndex: 'end_time',editor: timeEditor, renderer: renderTime},

    I've seen (and tried) various renderTime workaround examples like if value.length== 5 then value.format.. which do not work for showing a formatted time.

    Does anyone have method of rendering a timefield in a grid which allows formatting the time and editing?

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    I have found a functional answer allowing editing and formatting the time field without getting an nan... or at least not keeping it.
    In the actual update function I can convert the time-string back to a date as follows then set the records value to the date.
    It does flash NAN for a second - but it works. I think that if the time field could on edit return a datetime value instead of a time string this could be avoided - is it possible to have the time editor use the raw date value instead of the render/formatted string of time.
    if ((e.field == 'start_time') || (e.field == 'end_time')) {
    var d = new Date('Jan 1, 1970 ' + e.value);

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    Hi Prym!

    Seems we had the same problem:
    Here is a renderer, which worked for me:


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    Anybody find any solution for this problem...???
    Please share it on forum.

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