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Thread: initial load for complex scrolling list (iPad 4.2)

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    Default initial load for complex scrolling list (iPad 4.2)

    I have a container which is set to vertical scroll, it houses a list of complex html elements. The scrolling is fine once the first scroll takes place. However, when the first scroll occurs, the list freezes and takes around 1 second to begin scrolling.

    Assuming that it is doing an initial "compilation" for rendering, how can I automate this process so that a user does not have to initiate it by attempting to scroll first. If it is not doing a "compilation", then what could be causing this initial freeze?

    I've noticed that iScroll does not do this when I replace the container with an iScroll object. It also offers smoother scrolling, actually. iScroll also offers a consistent experience every time, whereas with Sencha, the scrolling performance seems to be a hit and miss. On a good day, it scrolls just fine (after initial scroll) and on a bad day, it is choppy beyond usable.

    Hopefully the Sencha team would be able to shed some light on this? Thanks.

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    Anyone? I don't understand how no one else is having this issue.
    Basically, all I'm doing is setting a container to scroll: 'vertical', then using a for-loop to add in items.

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    Same "issue" for me with Ext.form.Select (Ext.Picker)... it has a dataset containing 1000 items. If the user touches the select field, the picker takes some seconds to show. Second touch is much faster.

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    This is happening for us also. In our test desktop browsers, it is always smooth, but on the iPad (4.2), the initial scroll after loading always stutters for a second. Past that, it is very smooth. Hoping there is a remedy for this.

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    Also having this problem. I'm starting some source code and console.log exploration as to what's going on when the first touch happens. I'm thinking it's probably the Scroller being initalized

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