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Thread: Updating a stored item replicates index key - Sencha Touch 1.0

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    Default Updating a stored item replicates index key - Sencha Touch 1.0

    Hi all,

    I'm not sure if this behaviour is by design or a bug but when I update a stored record/item the item key seems to repeatedly append to the indexer value.

    To update a record/stored item I'm using the following code:

    var storeItem =;
    storeItem .set('test', "hello in there");
    //store.dirty = true;;

    Ext.regModel("Conversation", {
    fields: [
    { name: "id", type: "int" },
    { name: "test", type: "string" }]

    Ext.regStore('Conversations', {
    model: 'Conversation',
    storeId: 'conversationsStore',
    autoLoad: true,
    autoSave: true //tried on and off, didn't make a difference

    Viewing local storage files in Google Chrome I see that the value in key conversations-373557 is set correctly, however the value for the indexer conversations is '373557,373557,373557'. (Here I've updated a value in the record/item twice)

    Each time I update the record/item and sync it the id for my record/item is appended to the indexer.


    Does anyone know if this is a bug, by design or am I doing something wrong?



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    Default same problem

    hey I'm working on a similar problem now, did you ever figure it out?

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    Me too. Did you ever get anywhere with it?

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    Hi guys, stopped using the sencha stores and just wrote my own JSON serializer/de-serializer to local storage.

    Here are my utility methods:

     saveData : function(key, data, asJSON) {
    			if (!Ext.isDefined(asJSON))
    				asJSON = false;
    			localStorage.setItem(localStoragePrefix + key, (asJSON)
    							? Ext.util.JSON.encode(data)
    							: data);
    		getData : function(key, asJSON) {
    			if (!Ext.isDefined(asJSON))
    				asJSON = false;
    			var data = localStorage.getItem(localStoragePrefix + key);
    			if (data != null && asJSON)
    				data = Ext.util.JSON.decode(data);
    			return data;
    		deleteData : function(key) {
    			localStorage.removeItem(localStoragePrefix + key);
    		clearAllData : function() {
    			var keyLength = localStoragePrefix.length;
    			for (key in localStorage) {
    				if (key.substring(0, keyLength) === localStoragePrefix)


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