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Thread: Reading an xml file and displaying in a list

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    Default Reading an xml file and displaying in a list

    Hi all, i'm new to sencha touch. I need some one to help to read an xml file and print it in a list. i ve uploaded the code. i dont know whats's wrong in this code.

    .regModel('Search',{ fields
    :[ {name:'titl',type:'string'}, {name:'dat',type:'date'}, {name:'notes',type:'string'}] });
    var store =new{ model
    :'Search', proxy
    :{ type
    :'ajax', url
    :'test1.xml', success:function(){
    ("success"); }, reader:{
    } } });
    var list =new Ext.List({ fullscreen:true,
    itemTpl :'{titl},{dat},{notes}',
    store: store

    If i run the html file the page is loading . there is no response. I need help on this. Thanks in advance.

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    hi yasodha..

    for that problem..

    take panel and show the list in that panel..

    i have the same problem and i used panel to show that list... and it works fine..

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    Thanks I used nestedlists instead - I found that was the best way of doing it. But I had to convert an asp file to json first.

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    Thanks for the reply maulik. I used nestedlist and json instead of list and xml.

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